What is transfer.re?

transfer.re is a free file sharing platform. We use the awesome script made by BobbyWibowo which, in turn, is based on the great work of WeebDev and his lolisafe script.

Will you keep my files forever?

Yep, that's the plan. I will keep your files for the foreseeable future.
However, I reserve the right to delete any files without further reason if I receive a copyright (or any other) complaint. Anything against US, German or Spanish laws is subject to deletion if the file is deemed to be against these rules.

How can I keep track of my uploads?

Simply create a user on the site and every upload will be associated with your account, granting you access to your uploaded files through our dashboard.

Why do you use CloudFlare?

Using CloudFlare gives me that false feeling of security over the site. It hides the server IP.
Moreover and given the complexity of Transfer.re current setup, CloudFlare needs to be used to support IPv4 as the server is listening on IPv6-only.
I am aware of the more than dubious practices of CloudFlare and the fact that it acts as a MitM solution but, if you are not as paranoid as me, you can feel free to use the service however you like.

Why should I use this?

The original answer was: I don't know.
My answer to it is basically the same, but you can send me your own ideas at [email protected] :)

Do you have any Chrome/Firefox/(insert browser here) extension? What about ShareX?

Right now Transfer.re is in a pretty early stage of age and these features are not available, but they will eventually. I am sorry but you will have to wait.
Edit: ShareX is now available, enjoy and report back bugs! :)

I want to have my waifu (or husbando) featured on the main page!

Great! Please upload a valid image (no background, decent quality and so on) to the platform and let me know at [email protected].

I saw something too illegal for my tastes here, what should I do?

Please reach me out at [email protected] and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Where is the server located at?

Main frontend is located in Germany. Files are hosted on owned hardware in Spain.
Expect high First Time Byte (FTB) if you haven't visited the website in a while. The German server is moody.
As I said, the complexity of the current setup includes quite a few hops until you reach your files.
However, since Cloudflare will cache your uploads too, the uploads should have much better FTB afterwards (and generally faster download speed too).

Since my uploads are being cached, what about after I delete them from the dashboard?

No need to worry.
The cache is automatically deleted as soon as you hit that evil Delete button.

Do you have a No-JS uploader form?

Yes, check out this page.
Unfortunately you will not be able to associate your uploads to your account, if you have any.
You won't be able to upload files bigger than 100 MiB either.

Is the source code available?

As Transfer.re is based on BobbyWibowo's work, I don't feel like I am going to release the source code as the website is using his code in its entirety in exception of minor changes to the html pages for the web frontend.

Do you have any transparency/warrant canary?

Just as with browser extensions, I am still working on making Transfer.re as stable and solid as possible. As soon as time frees up for further development of the site, these kind of features will be added to it.
My plan with Transfer.re is to be as transparent and honest as possible. This is not made for profit and I don't have plans to change my mind about it.

Does your API support chunked uploads?

Yes, the homepage uploader will chunk your uploads into 10MB pieces by default.
If you want to utilize chunked uploads with the API, then feel free to inspect the HTTP requests.

What are the allowed extensions here?

We support any file extensions except the following: .bash_profile, .bash, .bashrc, .bat, .bsh, .cmd, .com, .csh, .exe, .exec, .jar, .msi, .nt, .profile, .ps1, .psm1, .scr, .sh.

How are the file URLs going to be determined?

Random 32-letter strings will automatically be generated for your uploads.

Why is the maximum file size in the No-JS uploader form smaller?

This site is using Cloudflare, which limits the maximum upload size.
The homepage uploader will automatically chunk your uploads into 10MB pieces, so it is possible to increase the maximum file size there, but not in the No-JS uploader form.